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Eating disorder bloggers wanted for survey [31 Mar 2008|12:29pm]
I am a current graduate student researching the social history of food-related disorders, inspired, in large part, from my own struggles with anorexia and bulimia.  I'm conducting an anonymous survey of bloggers who blog about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery in partnership with a clinical psychologist for joint research and publication purposes.

I'm hoping our survey generates lots of responses so that our findings are well-rounded, inclusive and convincing.  The only two requirements are that you must have an active blog and that it must address, at least in part, your experiences with an eating disorder.  I'm hoping for responses from people of all ages and genders who are in all stages of recovery and who suffer from a diversity of eating disorders, from anorexia to binge eating disorder to ed-nos to orthorexia. 

If the scope of the study pertains to your own experiences, I invite you to participate by taking it.  More information and a survey link can be found here or http://the-f-word.org/blog/index.php/2008/03/23/eating-disordered-bloggers-wanted-for-survey/

Thank you!

Rachel Richardson
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peaceloveskinny! new month! [01 Aug 2007|03:06am]

AUG. 1ST 2007.
i havnt gone to bed yet, and im super tired its 3 in the morning here but..
who wants to start this new month off right!!! fasts?!? yep
i really want to do a two day fast. liquids only.
lets do it. i have aim and myspace aswell.



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[19 Jul 2007|10:04pm]

Hi all, I'm new here.
My name is Britt and I've been anorexic for the past 7 years. I've been hospitalized 15+ times, been to residential treatment centers and other treatment centers and I still don't know what I want. A part of me wants recovery, the other part wants to hang on.

Age: 21
Height: 5'4"
Highest weight- 135 lbs. (pre-ana)
Current weight- Not positive...probably about 97 or 98 lbs.
Lowest weight - 92 lbs.

I've just been diagnosed with osteoporosis to add to my list of other health issues anorexia has cursed me with. *sigh*....just looking for people to relate to.
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Tell me about you [10 Jul 2007|09:56pm]

Lets get to know each other better tell me about you 
here's about me
Age ; 30
height: 5'4"
Current weight 197 (today)
past high 220
past low 110
target a firm145

My ED-issues :starving myself in the beginning then i started to B/P when i got pregnant I ate all day and night  no purging which led to me being huge and currently i am trying to eat healthier

my personal issues related to my ed : I am a very addictive personality I obsess over things too much 

My plan : more exercise and fruits and veggies less Mc D's and eating out  maybe some stacker 3
I can use all the help and healthy tips i can get so please comment lots 
much luv to all 
I eagerly await your story

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Hi [10 Jul 2007|04:53am]
[ mood | distressed ]

It has been a really long time since I have been here.
I created this group a long to me ago. and stopped writing on LJ for fear of others finding my personal thoughts It has been a rough few years for me with my weight but life is good besides that. I don't know why I continue to struggle with this seemingly losing battle but I am ready to get my shit together hopefully for real this time 
I hit an all time high of about 220 lbs last year. that is more than when I was 9 months pregnant I got down to 192 and am now fluctuating between 194 and 198. I have been stuck there for like 6 months and am trying so hard not to go back to old un healthy ways of losing it.
I am 5'4 and my goal is to get to at the most 145 that's not bad considering i was 120 before my kids but it was a bit too thin i guess I am trying so hard not to let this overtake my life again God knows I need to keep it together . there are too many people depending on me for me to fall apart but I can't fucking stand this much more excuse the foul words but i am at my wits end here

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Hi, this is my first post [27 Apr 2007|04:31pm]

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I was diagnosed with ED-NOS in high school after restricting and compulsively exercising myself to lose 30 pounds and eat 600 calories a day. It was awful and yet I was so unbelievably happy and proud of my body (I was not thin-- I had been overweight before and the weight I reached was normal for my height). Then, I broke the rules one day and had my first binge. I've been a binge eater ever since (much to my dismay and shame and horror). I realize this is a disease, and yet it is not something I can go to the doctor for some medicine for. I'm stuck with it and that's the hardest part. I wish there were will-power supplements I could take. I wish there were ways I could find hope when, after struggling for so many years, I don't seem to see any hope at all. I'm sure so many other ED sufferers feel the same.
Anyway, that's my story. Hello everybody!
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Introduction [15 Feb 2007|07:09am]

Hello, my name is Ronny. I hope I have come to the right place, as I am neither pro or anti ED. I believe most certainly eating disorders are an illness and not a choice whatsoever, and should not be belittled as many people try to with this current "fad" going around. I am the co-owner of Eating Disorder Safe House, a site as well, neither pro, nor anti.
Personally, I believe EDs are illnesses, although some may not be ready or willing to recover and respect this. As for myself, I have been an anorectic for around 25 years, and don't believe I am ready to deal with my past, and try to recover, although someday, I hope I can.
I hope that by joining this site, I will be able to meet others with similar minds, who may wish to converse and share experiences with me.
Thanks for reading!
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first post [16 Nov 2006|04:14am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

hi guys,

my name's tori, and i just made this ed-only lj. my other lj that i've had for about 5 years is torismith, you can add me there but i rarely write in it. my myspace is myspace.com/torismith so feel free to add me on there--and i'm on facebook too (the name is tori smith and i go to hood college). anyway, here's my story:

i've been dealing with anorexia purging type since 8th grade. i've been in a couple IP treatment centers for a few months at a time, but every time insurance stopped paying. i'm 5'7 and for the past few years my weight has been steady between 110 and 120. during my first hospital visti, i was 82 lbs, but i've kept my weight at a fairly normal number since. anyway...my most recent hospital visit was at sheppard pratt in baltimore and i was VERY ready to recover. i'm so sick of my eating disorder, it's not even funny. it controls me. i am definitely not proana (although i used to be). i quit all my proana groups and have tried to limit my thinspiration. unfortuntately, i haven't been doing well lately, and all i can think about is dropping the weight. i know it's all emotional--but i'm not really up for dealing with emotions right now and the only thing i have is ana to fall back on.

anyway, i was hoping you guys could help me...some days i'm prorecovery, other days not so much, so i'll probably sound bipolar, haha.

i look forward to meeting everyone in the community, and feel free to friend me.


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[15 Nov 2006|07:40pm]

Hey kids-

Check out this MSNBC report on emotional eating!


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New here [29 Oct 2006|09:34pm]

Hi all,

I'm posting here because I am currently struggling with body/eating issues, and need as much support as possible.

Back Story:

Highest Weight: 145
Current: 119
Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Essentially, I gained a lot of weight senior year of high school/freshman year of college- stress eating, denial.

Then spring of my freshman year I began to diet, and exercise, and lost weight.

I am content with my body now, but the problem is, I am absolutely terrified of gaining the weight back. And so, I began a few months ago to purge, and some times binge and purge. Sometimes i feel the need to purge even if I had a decent and healthy meal or snack. But now I can't handle feeling full/satisfied - in fact I can't even tell if I am truly full or hungry any more. So sometimes I also really restrict what I eat, and deprive myself. However this usually leads to a binge/purge. Of course. It all makes sense, why I do it, but for some reason its spun out of control and I can't stop. I love food, but hate it...vicious cycle.

I also feel the need to exercise every day, and am getting a little too obssesive, to the point where I feel absolutely horrible and guilty if I miss a day. Most days I usually run for at least 45 min, but recently have been going for over an hour. I also lift weights twice a week, but add a 30 min run b/c i feel guilty if i dont do cardio, even though the weight workout on its own probably is sufficient. Notice the obsession?

I am always distracted by food, or thinking about what I ate/ what I will eat/what I should have eaten, etc.
I spend too much time examining myself from every angle in the mirror, trying on clothing, feeling my bones.

Recently peers in school have been telling me how much weight I have lost. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on me- and makes me wonder- did I look that awful before? What if I gained 5 pounds, would that make me disgusting again?

I want to stop this madness, and maintain my current weight without feeling the need to throw up everything I eat. I want to stop wasting so much precious time worrying about this!

I am also seeing a nutritionist, will see a therapist, but I want support from people going through the same stuff I am.

Friend me! I would love to discuss any of this with all of you, and help you too!

-glowing ember
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New Community [20 Oct 2006|10:23am]

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Hello fresh faces [13 Oct 2006|01:01am]

So it's been a VERY VERY long time since I was here and a lot has happened to me between the last time I was here and now. I was hospitalized, I got out, got fat, moved to a new city, and am now looking to start over here basically. I don't know anyone anymore. I was wondering if there are any new communities or any people who would like to have a new friend. I am an internet addict, I'm 21, from Boston living in Atlanta. I'm an artist, a geek, and a cynic. I am openminded and would love to meet some new people. I want to be sick again... So hi, again... I don't know what to say without sounding desperate... Basically I'm lonely and would love to have someone to talk to.
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Hi [20 Jul 2006|01:48pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey! I just joined this community and I thought that I should introduce myself.

Age: 19
HT: 5'5"
HW: 206
CW: 183
LW: 168
GW: 115 or less
ED: used to be COE, now I'm ED-NOS. The actual ED type is self-diagnosed, but only because my therapist doesn't like labeling.

I'm not looking to recover, not yet. I want to be thin and I don't think I can be without being a little obsessed. And, yes, I'd rather be thin than healthy. I'm going to stay as healthy as possible through this though. Just not at the cost of my waistline.

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[02 Jul 2006|06:53pm]
Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...

Community [03 May 2006|05:34pm]

While reading this community, I noticed that there are many loving and caring people who have been hurt badly in so many different ways. There are many ways that help is available, and I'm hoping that my community can ease some of your demons.

It doesn't say in the userinfo page that I cannot do this, so here I go and I am terribly sorry if this offends anyone. And if it does, the mod can delete this entry immediately.

I created a community a while ago called
</a></font></strong></a>attemptfailed: for people who have attempted suicide. It is not a pro- suicide community, but it is one for people to tell their story, get advice, find people to relate to, etc. There is much more about it in the userinfo page, but I thought I'd give a little introduction to the community in case anyone out there is interested.

Take care everyone.
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[11 Jan 2006|01:37am]
its been an up and down rollercoaster

Getting sick.....sicker...sickest....being sent to rehab.....

I was thin damnit
I was pretty!!!...

Now here I am again...I want to lose weight. I need to.
I guess right now i'm reaching for borderline

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[24 Jun 2005|09:17pm]

Hi all! Losing the weight is getting easier, as long as I can stay away from pizza and oreo cookies, but I still need more support.

I think I posted the link to my site here before, but it wasn't quite ready for the public eye at that point. I encourage all of you to pay us a visit again and check everything out.


I've been working hard on getting this all up and running, so I would appreciate it if you all could take a moment, check it out, and let me know what you think.

The NEW Realeasyweightloss.com!

-Weight Loss Journals
-New Recipe section!
-More content!
-Weight Loss Newsletter
-More Weight Loss programs than ever!
-Review and comment on any and all programs/stories on this site
-Vote for your favorite prorgams and help others acheive their goals!
-All new forums!
-Much much more!

Roam around the site and let us know what you think and how we can better help you. Also, don't be afraid to share this wonderful resource with others.

Thank you all for your time!

Sorry for the x-post
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Thermostack and ephedra related death [07 Apr 2005|04:14pm]
I know some of you emphasize on diet pills with ephedra, and I've mentionned to someone yesterday how dangerous it was. Well, ephedra strikes again (having an ED didn't help her either). I'm posting a link to the original article so you know the source, but it's in French, and therefor, I will translate it for you all...

Canoe.qc.ca article

This article is for all to be informed. Yes, we all have ED's here, and of course, this article promotes it in no way.

Translation is hereCollapse )

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[22 Mar 2005|09:20am]

Wednesday I was 115 or 114 and now today I am 110 I really want to be 105 by This sat that give me 4 days .. But I need to eat Just a little because the family will be here and I need to look healthy .. I can stay around 200 cals any other tips to lose 5 pounds in 4 days ??
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... [09 Mar 2005|01:45pm]

Does anyone know of some good ana, or endos websites?
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